Welcome to St Gabriel Education Centre!

St Gabriel High School celebrated their 2020 Graduates with an outdoor celebration:

St Gabriel Education Centre - Adult Upgrading and High School Completion

We have moved! Our new address is 6 St. Vital Avenue, St Albert, Alberta. 

We are located in the back entrance of Greater St Albert Catholic Schools Division Office.

School is open for students on Monday, August 31, 2020. Students are to come in to meet their teachers and pick up their textbooks and course logins and passwords. Students are required to wear their masks, bring hand sanitizer, and socially distance at all times.  Please bring your laptop with you if you can to ensure you can access your courses. 

Registrations are still open and we are offering flexible programming for our students. (Both Semesters and Quarters)
Weekly seminars will begin the week of September 8th, 2020.  

Semester 1 runs from September-January (16 weeks)
Semester 2 runs from February-June (16 weeks)

Quarter 1 runs from September to October (8 weeks)
Quarter 2 runs from November to January (8 weeks) 
Quarter 3 runs from February to March (8 weeks) 
Quarter 4 runs from April to June (8 weeks)

Contact Information: 

Mr. Evan Holstein - Principal/Religious Studies/ CALM/ Learning Strats - eholstein@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Val Franklin - School Registrar - vfranklin@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Julie Bedi - Science 10/20/30/14/24, Bio 20/30, Chem 20 and Math 20-2/Math 30-2 - jbedi@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Harmony Terin - ELA 10/20/30, Social 10/20/30, and PE 10/20/30 - hterin@gsacrd.ab.ca 

Mr. Dayn Scaber - Math 10C/20-1/30-1/31, Chem 30, Physics 20/30, Math 10-3/20-3/30-3 - dscaber@gsacrd.ab.ca

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