Welcome to St. Gabriel Education Centre!

It's still not too late to register! We welcome everyone at St. Gabes! 

SGEC is Greater St. Albert Catholic School Division's online provider for high school education. 

If you are a NEW or RETURNING SGEC student, Click HERE to access the registration package. This is a new registration form so whether you are a returning SGEC student or a new student, you will need to create an account to register. You will receive a confirmation email once you're entered into our database. 

If you are registered at another high school and would like to take one or more courses through SGEC

please call Mrs. Franklin at 780-459-6616 for information about registration. 

St. Gabriel Education Centre offers high school completion, online education, adult upgrading, and concurrent enrolment. 

Gospel Reflections with Doug



Jesus Defines the Terms - Gospel Reading for September 12, 2021


On September 20 from 12:30-3:00 AHS will be at St. Gabes to administer covid-19 vaccines to anyone needing their first or second shot. If we don't have any consent forms filled out, they won't come. Please see the front office for the consent form. 

There's a one time $100.00 incentive for anyone over 18 to get vaccinated right now. 

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2021/2022 School Year Schedule:

Weekly seminars will begin the week of August 31st, 2021.  
Semester 1 runs from September-January (16 weeks)

Semester 2 runs from February-June (16 weeks)

Contact Information: 

Mrs. Renee Trottier - Principal - rtrottier@gsacrd.ab.ca 

Mrs. Val Franklin - School Registrar - vfranklin@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Angela Gauthier - Diverse Learning Coordinator - agauthier@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Tracy Delhez - Counsellor, Psychology, Work Experience - tdelhez@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Harmony Terin - ELA 10/20/30, Social 10/20/30, PE 10/20/30 - hterin@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mr. Christian Pagnani - ELA 10/20/30, Social 10/20/30 and Art 10 - cpagnani@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Julie Bedi - Science 10/20/30/14/24, Bio 20/30, Chem 20 and Math 20-2/Math 30-2, CALM 20- jbedi@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mr. Dayn Scaber - Math 10C/20-1/30-1/31, Chemistry 30, Physics 20/30, Math 10-3/20-3/30-3, Religious Studies 15/25/35, Learning Strats 15/25/35 - dscaber@gsacrd.ab.ca

Social Media:

Facebook - @StGabesHS

Instagram - @st.gabes

Twitter - @stgabes